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We are a family business strategically located in the north part of Colombia, more specifically under the breath-taking Sierra Nevada, in “la Zona Bananera”. Vasam Organics was born from a deep and strong passion for the land; focusing on the plantation, commercialization and exportation of organics fruits committed to the well-being of both, the environment and all the individuals involved in the process. 

We believe in the capacity to generate a positive impact in the present,  which will then reflect in future generations; it is our duty and responsibility to care for and to preserve the human body as well as our environment. To accomplish this Vasam Organics counts with a highly trained and skilled team committed to the continuous improvement of our product, from the initial phase of fruit recollection to its transportation and final delivery; the successful completion of this process is achieved thanks to the advantages derived from the richness and biodiversity provided by the land and the crystal-clear water stream of the Tucurinca River. 

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